These Pills

Open up my eyes and see.

The mirror there in front of me.

A girl whom I cannot make out.

She has my face, my pure embrace.

This girl is full of love and grace.

Last I saw, I went a different route.

My eyes were darker, as hers are lighter.

My smile was dull, while hers are brighter.

Now these pills fill me with doubt.

There was so much wrong in my mind.

I was insane, one of a kind.

Who is this woman, she’s letting me fade out.



Victoria’s as thin as a champagne glass.As beautiful as a wine bottle. 

As hard as the liquor her cheating husband drinks.

In his eyes? She’s as small as the vodka shot still trickling down his throat. 

The black out excites, tequila she bites.

Her secrets as dirty as her martini.

But to forget it all? She dances as the Hennessy whispers very closely.